Renovating or finishing a basement is an economical way to increase the living space in a home. However, every homeowner should be aware that most basements are likely to suffer from some form of moisture problem during their lifetime.

Even the most modern basements, which remain dry for years, can suddenly become susceptible to moisture infiltration, as settling occurs or conditions change around the home.

A qualified home inspector will conduct a visual inspection of the entire property for signs such as cracks, dampness or discoloration, which could indicate if or where the risk of a leak is apparent.

A thorough inspection will investigate all accessible areas of the home, including the exterior, the slope of the earth around the house, the gutters and downspouts, the window wells and basement windows, the vegetation close to the home, the                       foundation, the joints between the foundation and patios or driveways, and the interior.

Your AmeriSpec-certified professional inspector can help to identify the source of moisture in your basement and recommend simple, low-cost solutions to address your problem.